Mayas Montessori was started in December 2002 with two children and two staff and has grown over the years into one of the most popular, leading Montessori Schools in the Eastern Cape.

The toddler unit feeds into our own 3 – 6 years class next door, which flows to our 6 – 9 years class.

Why Montessori for Toddlers:

During the first three yearsof life a child’s brain absorbs more info from the environment than any other part of his lifetime. Every sight, touch, taste and smell is taken in and processed.


The Montessori infant/toddler environment provides a safe, calm, carefully designed setting for optimal learning that nurtures the physical and spiritual being.

Sensory, cognitive, language, social and cultural activities aid the child’s developmental process.  Even at this early age a child is soon able to make choices for his independence.